Electric furnace transformer

Electric furnace transformers in the metallurgical industry, used to smelt excellent alloy steel, iron alloys, etc. In the chemical industry, it is used to produce yellow phosphorus, calcium carbide, synthetic resins and the like. Used in the mechanical industry for the melting of cast steel cast iron. The electric furnace transformer is a professional transformer designed according to the working principle, load characteristics and operating characteristics of various electric furnaces. It includes: steelmaking arc furnace transformer, ladle refining transformer, electroslag furnace transformer. Mine furnace transformer, power frequency furnace transformer, various AC furnace transformers and medium frequency induction furnace transformers, silicon carbide, graphitization furnace transformers and other DC furnace transformers.
The company's electric furnace transformers are divided into two categories: one is a standard type electric furnace transformer designed and produced according to the current national standards: the other is based on the standard electric furnace transformer base according to various types of electric furnace smelting A new type of energy-saving electric furnace transformer developed and designed based on the principle of improving smelting efficiency, reducing overall power consumption, and strengthening operational reliability.
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1, product model 2, rated capacity and high and low voltage rated voltage 3, high voltage level 4, impedance voltage 5, other special requirements
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