First, product after-sales service
1. Product after-sales quality information tracking service; 
2. On-site service before large-scale and special transformers are put into operation; 
3. Provide transformer maintenance and related technical consulting services; 
4. Carry out product quality & “three guarantees” service The three-package period of our products is two years.
Second, repair business
1. Carry out various types of transformer repair and restructuring business;
2. Provide users with on-site inspection and maintenance services for transformers.
Three, Accessories Business
Sales of various types of power transformer accessories, including copper parts, porcelain bottle insulation materials, rubber parts, transformer oil and other accessories, a total of six categories of more than 200 specifications.
Four, processing business
Externally undertake processing of heat pipe, silicon steel sheet unwinding, corrugated board, coil and shell manufacturing business.
Five, raw materials consignment business
Silicon steel sheet, transformer oil, welded pipe and cardboard.
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