Yixing Wansheng Transformer Co., Ltd. (formerly Wanlong Transformer Factory) specializes in designing and manufacturing various transformers: electric furnace transformers, arc furnace transformers, slag furnace transformers, special transformers, magnetic voltage regulators, rectifier transformers, power transformers, and reactors. The company has the necessary production equipment, process equipment, and professional product testing platforms for transformer production, which can adapt to the production and inspection of various transformer products, and has the ability to design and produce independently.

The company has a history of over 20 years, and its products are used in power supply specialized power sources for industries such as industrial and agricultural power supply, metallurgy, machinery, heat treatment, mining, electrification, building materials, electronic components, etc. The product has received high praise from a large number of users.

The company has always adhered to the spirit of customer first, quality assurance, and entrepreneurship. Based on the principles of integrity and honesty, we provide comprehensive services to new and old customers, allowing you to receive affordable products, reliable equipment, and thoughtful service.

The company is located in Yixing City, a scenic spot of the Taihu Lake Lake and a flourishing ceramic art city, with convenient highway and railway transportation, and warmly welcomes your presence.
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