Steelmaking electric arc furnace transformer

Steelmaking EAF transformer is a special transformer designed and manufactured according to the special requirements of electric furnace steelmaking production.
Used to smelt fine steel and alloy steel, aluminum silicate refractory fiber.
Structural Features
EAF transformers have the characteristics of ordinary transformers, but also meet the special requirements of steelmaking process, have a certain overload capacity and short-circuit mechanical strength. The adjustment mode of the electric arc furnace transformer is divided into two types: on-load voltage regulation and non-excitation voltage regulation, and the on-load voltage regulation arc furnace transformer does not have a series reactor. The structure of the arc furnace transformer with no excitation and voltage regulation is divided into two types: a series reactor and a series reactor. Both of these structures can change the impedance at the highest secondary voltage. The former relies on the input and cut-off of the series reactor to change the impedance, while the latter changes the impedance by changing the high-voltage winding connection of the arc furnace transformer itself.
Technical parameters

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