ZGS11-H(Z) series combined transformer

ZGS11 series combined transformer is a new type of power distribution equipment (also known as American box change), is to install high-voltage load switch, plug-in fuse, high-voltage current-limiting fuse in the transformer tank, Insulating and cooling with mineral oil, it has the advantages of reasonable structure, small size, flexible installation, convenient operation and small floor space. Combined transformers are particularly suitable for load centers in urban power grids. Reduce losses and improve power quality.
This series of products have been widely used in residential areas, public places, industrial and mining enterprises and other distribution places throughout the country.
1. Small size, compact structure, easy to install.
2.  Fully sealed, fully insulated structure for personal safety.
3.  can be used for ring network, can also be used for terminals, easy to convert, improve the reliability of power supply.
4. Low loss, low noise, and excellent performance.
5. The cable connector is plugged in, with the characteristics of the isolating switch, easy to operate and flexible.
6. High voltage double fuse protection, plug-in fuses have temperature and current dual-sensitive protection characteristics.
7. Backup fuse protects transformer faults and secondary line faults.
8. The cabinet uses an anti-theft structure.
9.  Low temperature rise, strong overload capacity.
10. Because of the special structure of the transformer body, its outstanding advantages are high voltage quality and small neutral point offset.
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