Silicon molybdenum rod (glass fused) furnace transformer

This product is designed for our silicon molybdenum rod electric furnace (glass electric furnace), suitable for power isolation low voltage output.
This product is used in the front of the silicon molybdenum rod (glass fused) furnace power supply.
Structural Features
The resistance of the silicon molybdenum rod electric heating body increases sharply with the increase of temperature, when the heating starts, the electric resistance of the electric heating body is small, about 1/4-1/3 of the working voltage, according to silicon molybdenum The working voltage of the rod electric heater and the forward characteristic of its resistance and temperature, the output voltage of the transformer adopts a multi-tap method to meet the working voltage required by the heating body at different temperatures, thereby improving the power factor of the grid.
Model Meaning

Ordering Information
1, product model 2, rated capacity 3, phase number 4, connection group 5, voltage regulation method 6, high and low voltage voltage 7, special requirements
Technical parameters

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