Characteristics of electric arc furnace transformer

EAF transformer load is time-varying, current fluctuations are very strong, especially in the melting period, EAF transformers are often in peak load with large inrush current. Compared with general power transformers, electric arc furnace transformers have the following characteristics:
(1) The transformation ratio is large, the primary voltage is high and the secondary voltage is low.
(2) The secondary current is large, up to several thousand to one million amps.
(3) The secondary voltage can be adjusted to meet the needs of the smelting process.
(4) large overload capacity, requiring transformers with 20% short-term overload capacity, will not affect the life of the transformer due to the general temperature rise.
(5) has a high mechanical strength, withstand the mechanical stress caused by the inrush current and short-circuit current.
(6) The maximum temperature of the transformer is less than 95 °C.
(7) The primary (high voltage) coil of the electric arc furnace transformer can be connected to the Y shape and can be connected to the delta shape, while the secondary (low voltage) coil can only be connected to the delta shape.
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